The Shamal Group was established in 2001. Shamal Investments Ltd, the Group holding and investing company was registered on 9-Jan-2002 and has its registered office in the beautiful island of Mauritius.

At Shamal we believe in ‘Quality’, in ‘Service’ and in ‘Success’. Our motto is “We Care to Succeed”. We will in all our businesses aim to achieve business success while at the same time caring for our Customers, our People, our Suppliers, our Environment and our Society. We have a diversified portfolio of businesses grouped under 5 ‘Strategic Business Units’. Our focus which will be in the sourcing, production products and services will always comply with the industry leading standards.

We invite you to learn more about us, our products, our services and our suppliers through the pages of this website. We welcome your comments and your suggestions.

phone-ico(230) 464 88 55